Looking back at 2021

Highlights of the best of 2021

  • I was baptized in my church before my family and friends, either live or via live streaming.
  • Reconnecting with my godmother and god-family was essential to me. 
  • My trip to Georgia to visit my godparents.
  • I use my Lingraphica when I’m talking to new people.    
  • I was accepted to Va-LEND through VCU and passed the fall semester.
  • Edit, tone, and re-edit Eternal Sunshine of the CP Gal’s Mind.

Covid19 is a horrible and ongoing issue that is still affecting us all. The New Year 2022 will bring peace and joy to all of us.

Published by Amanda Forry/Fino

Amanda Forry/Fino is a certified disability advocate, CP gal, and author of her autobiography, Eternal Sunshine of the CP Gal’s Mind. She is a disability rights advocate and active Alumnus of the Virginia Board for People with Disabilities. She has also joined the leadership team and presented for the Virginia Board for People with Disabilities, Training Alumni Association (TAA). She is a Va-LEND graduate and Public Speaker. In her free time, Amanda enjoys reading and writing books and walking. Being a member of her church, she enjoys blogging on cpgal.com. Born in Las Vegas, Nevada, Amanda lives with her family in Williamsburg, Virginia.

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