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A few months ago, I made a new friend named Kyle, who has cerebral palsy, who authored a book titled; In A Split Second Living in the World with Cerebral Palsy. A bestseller list has already been compiled for this book. I am proud of Kyle and his positive attitude toward living with cerebral palsy. I am currently reading this book. Be sure to check my blog for my review of this book!

What is it like to grow up with cerebral palsy? How does a child cope throughout life with a disability? What obstacles will they be faced with while trying to reach their goals and achieve their dreams?

Kyle Scott was diagnosed with a mystery classification of cerebral palsy at the age of sixteen months, but that hasn’t stopped him from living his life to the fullest. Surrounded by the best family and friends one could ask for, he has strived for and achieved far more than doctors, specialists, and therapists claimed he would, ultimately proving that anything is possible.

This is a story about how an entire life can change in a split second, but it’s what you do with your life from that day forward that creates a life worth living.

“In life, you need certain qualities: courage, the ability to smile, determination, and a never-give-up attitude!”
-Kyle N. Scott

“The only disability in life is a bad attitude!”
-Scott Hamilton

“Be Yourself; Everyone Else is Already Taken!”

Published by Amanda Forry/Fino

Amanda Forry/Fino is a certified disability advocate, CP gal, and author of her autobiography, Eternal Sunshine of the CP Gal’s Mind. She is a disability rights advocate and active Alumnus of the Virginia Board for People with Disabilities. She has also joined the leadership team and presented for the Virginia Board for People with Disabilities, Training Alumni Association (TAA). She is a Va-LEND graduate and Public Speaker. In her free time, Amanda enjoys reading and writing books and walking. Being a member of her church, she enjoys blogging on cpgal.com. Born in Las Vegas, Nevada, Amanda lives with her family in Williamsburg, Virginia.

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