Jesus had compassion for people who had disability.

Before I get into this new video, I want to thank my pastor Dennis for giving me a fantastic paper, Lausanne Occasional Paper Ministry among People with Disabilities, which you can download below the Description box. I will be talking about some parts of this video.

Jesus had compassion for people who had a disability… In his day, people would not even usually go near a disabled person, and it was thought they were demon-possessed by many. Some disabled people were hidden in their family homes -like myself- or, worst, starved to death. The main thing was Jesus tried to show people how to treat others. All His disciples were considered outcasts, and disabled people were considered the devil, etc. these were the people. He chose over the rich and the Priests who thought themselves better than others as an example of how we should be, and that’s kind of where the WWJD thing comes from so that you think WWJD and try to be like Him.

1 in 7 people in the world has a disability, yet most have not found their place in a local church. `Only 5 to 10% of the world’s disabled are effectively reached with the gospel, making the disability community one of the largest unreached — some say under-reached — or hidden people groups in the world. I can just imagine Jesus hanging his head down in sadness and sorrow for all.  

A quick history of People with Disabilities…People with disabilities have a very dark history that has not been taught in history classes.  Disabled people in most parts of the world live in unbelievable poverty and isolation. They lack simple mobility and are often “gifts of healing”.hidden away in back bedrooms because of fear and prejudice. In many countries, the only income a disabled person has is by begging. In cultures gripped by social stigmas, parents use their disabled kids as beggar hopping will evoke sympathy from passers-by.

In some countries, people who are ‘learning disabled’ mentally retarded, have Down Syndrome, or cerebral palsy) are unnecessarily institutionalized or warehoused in mental wards. This sad situation also occurs among many deaf and deaf-blind people. People with disabilities are often exploited or abused by organizations or social structures. 

Hinduism – A disabled person is “bad karma.” Such a person is of the lowest caste. Islam – A disabled person is an object of charity or disgrace in a “shame and honor” culture. A disability is that person’s fate (inshallah). Communism – A disabled person cannot contribute to society; (s)he has no use. Buddhism – A disabled person should deny and ignore his plight. Spiritism – A disabled person has been cursed. Secular Humanism – A disabled person is a victim, and integrating them into society is considered a significant expense. Fascism – A disabled person is an economic drain on society. Nazism – A disabled person has no right to life and no role in society. Religious Legalism – A disabled person is an object of charity. 

In honor of those with disabilities who have gone to hell throughout history, I would like to share a moment of silence.

Do you know what the good news is? God and his son, Jesus, love all humankind, and it is never late to make this change for the greater good. If one asks me. I just read somewhere, that one delegate stated clearly, “A church without a disabled person is a disabled church.

In John 9:2-3, Jesus and His disciples encountered a blind man. “His disciples asked Him, ‘Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?’ ‘Neither this man nor his parents sinned,’ said Jesus, ‘but this happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life.’” Jesus wanted to display his love for people with disabilities just as much as you.

God loves the disabled; just read in your Bible Deuteronomy 28:65-67; 1 Samuel 16:14; Daniel 4:31,16, 33-34; Psalm 6:3-4, and much more. I believe God sent disabled people to teach other people so much, and God can sometimes use disabled people for his purposes. 

It’s not our job as Christians to pray for gifts of healing for a person with cerebral palsy to wake up to be healed from cerebral palsy the following day. That is very nice, and all you can pray for is a cure. Jesus Christ is the only one that walks the earth that has the power to heal because he’s the son of God.

A few weeks ago, I wrote in a couple of Facebook groups about why some disabled adults cannot attend church.  Many of the comments I have received have been horrifying. Consequently, we need to bring about a change if we want disabled adults to be welcomed into our churches. I have gotten several good suggestions for making churches more inclusive of disabled people. That leads me to make a free E-booklet on my website, The Chuch and People with Disabilities. People with disabilities do not feel welcome in church settings. Why is that?

A disability teaches us that the greatest good of the Christian life is not absence of pain, but Christ-likeness. “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. For those God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the likeness of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brothers.” (Romans 8:28-29) Let’s fix this in our lifetime. In that paper, Lausanne Occasional Paper Ministry among People with Disabilities, there are numerous ways that your church can include People with Disabilities of all ages. It is my belief that Jesus would welcome them with open arms, as should the rest of society. 

May God Bless You.

Published by Amanda Forry/Fino

Amanda Forry/Fino is a certified disability advocate, CP gal, and author of her autobiography, Eternal Sunshine of the CP Gal’s Mind. She is a disability rights advocate and active Alumnus of the Virginia Board for People with Disabilities. She has also joined the leadership team and presented for the Virginia Board for People with Disabilities, Training Alumni Association (TAA). She is a Va-LEND graduate and Public Speaker. In her free time, Amanda enjoys reading and writing books and walking. Being a member of her church, she enjoys blogging on Born in Las Vegas, Nevada, Amanda lives with her family in Williamsburg, Virginia.

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