Jesus had compassion for people who had disability.

Before I get into this new video, I want to thank my pastor Dennis for giving me a fantastic paper, Lausanne Occasional Paper Ministry among People with Disabilities, which you can download below the Description box. I will be talking about some parts of this video. Jesus had compassion for people who had aContinue reading “Jesus had compassion for people who had disability.”

My 365 days in my church were enriched when I was baptized.

Today is the anniversary of the day I stepped foot inside my church for the first time. I fell in love with them and immediately joined as a member after I was baptized. This has been an incredible year for me. God has blessed me incredibly with my brothers and sisters in Christ! They areContinue reading “My 365 days in my church were enriched when I was baptized.”

CP Gal’s World YOUTUBE!

Motivate and educate! My first YouTube video provides information on how church leaders can welcome people with disabilities into the church. Here are some tips for interacting with an adult with a disability. Stay tuned for more to come!

The Church and People with disabilities, A free E-booklet!

Now out FREE my first E-booklet, The Church and People with disabilities. To inform people and to help them understand disabled people better. There is a lack of welcome for people with disabilities in church settings. What’s the reason for this? There are many reasons why disabled adults are unable or dislike going to church,Continue reading “The Church and People with disabilities, A free E-booklet!”

Conversation with The Inside Scoop of Living with CP!

I was blessed to be on with The Inside Scoop of Living with CP as we chatted about Speech Therapy and Augmentative and Assistive Technology. While talking about my experiences as a disability advocate, writer, and speaker. Please go on youtube to like, comment, and hit the subscribe button and the bell for them. TheContinue reading “Conversation with The Inside Scoop of Living with CP!”


A New Woman In Christ. I thank God that I have become a new woman in Jesus Christ. In my past, I had issues with my anger and frustrations and holding on to them and not expressing these emotions until I would explode into severe outbursts of emotion, sometimes hurting others and ruining relationships. ThroughContinue reading “Forgiveness”

Saturday’s Thoughts

This show is fantastic, #TheChosen is a blessed Christian show, and it welcomes disability awareness because Matthew is on the autism spectrum in this series. I love this show because one of my goals in life is to bring together disability awareness and the Christian community. #disabilityadvocate #disabilityawareness #disabilities #thechosentvseries #autismspectrum

How to welcome a disabled adult in church!

I felt God leading me to create a flyer on “How to welcome a Disabled Adult in Church.” Last Friday, the final draft of my flyer made its debut in my church newsletter. I am praying to pave the way for including people with disabilities in every church or place of worship in America. “ThisContinue reading “How to welcome a disabled adult in church!”