Saturday’s Thoughts

This show is fantastic, #TheChosen is a blessed Christian show, and it welcomes disability awareness because Matthew is on the autism spectrum in this series. I love this show because one of my goals in life is to bring together disability awareness and the Christian community. #disabilityadvocate #disabilityawareness #disabilities #thechosentvseries #autismspectrum

How to welcome a disabled adult in church!

I felt God leading me to create a flyer on “How to welcome a Disabled Adult in Church.” Last Friday, the final draft of my flyer made its debut in my church newsletter. I am praying to pave the way for including people with disabilities in every church or place of worship in America. “ThisContinue reading “How to welcome a disabled adult in church!”

Mother’s Day 2022

I want to share this prayer that I pray in my church today that touches my own heart. God bless me with two loving mothers. Today we pray for: those who are grieving the loss of theirmother, maybe even years after they were separated; thosewho never knew their biological mother, and now yearn forher; thoseContinue reading “Mother’s Day 2022”

Kentucky Derby Saturday

Happy Kentucky derby 2022, Woot-Hoot. In my Family, The Kentucky Derby is our Super Bowl. I can’t pick on a horse this year that I want to win. Oh well, I got all day to pick one. I have been working on a few things this past week. Va LEND nominated me as an EmergingContinue reading “Kentucky Derby Saturday”

I’m Graduating Va-LEND Tomorrow!

What a journey, tomorrow I will be Graduating from Va-LEND!  A leadership project is required for me to graduate from this program. By becoming a Leadership presenter, I gained various skills and developed my presence as a speaker/presenter, which led to my dream job and improved how I tell my story. The part I likeContinue reading “I’m Graduating Va-LEND Tomorrow!”

World CP Day 2022

Here’s to the 2022 World Cerebral Palsy Day! I’m proud to have Cerebral Palsy because it has contributed to my personality. As I prepare to participate virtually in the Disability Policy Seminar in Washington, DC next week, I am very excited. My plans are to meet and discuss issues with Congresswoman Wexton, Congressman Connoly, andContinue reading “World CP Day 2022”

Amazing is an understatement

More than 5 stars when it comes to the book, Calmed.: Growth After Trauma By Jennifer Hobbs Love conquers all in this story, as Jennifer and Hobbs met in a combat zone between Baghdad and Abu Ghraib, Iraq. Their love isn’t diminished by the war or its aftermath. It was an emotional, yet very well-writtenContinue reading “Amazing is an understatement”

Dance Pary on Celebrate the Struggle!

I’m thrilled to bring you this amazing interview about my life as someone with cerebral palsy. In addition, I made a new friend, Jennifer Hobbs! Amanda Forry-Fino joins me on Celebrate the Struggle today to chat about her life and the journey it has taken her on. It didn’t start out so smooth, as aContinue reading “Dance Pary on Celebrate the Struggle!”