Eternal Sunshine of the CP Mind

My dream has always been to become a best-selling author who can be the subject of movies and TV shows. However, life intervened, and I decided to become a Certified Disability Self Advocate. As a person with a disability, I am working hard to become one of those voices for those who cannot speak for themselves. In this case, I am fighting not for myself, yet for my friend who has severe cerebral palsy. That friend who uses an iPad and a wheelchair to communicate and cannot speak My friend living in a group home due to her cerebral palsy. Eternal Sunshine of the CP Mind is my book to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

Blue Bell: A Dark Academy Romance 

Welcome to Blue Bell, a very elite boarding school that has darkened within its walls. A student within Blue Bell, Audra, is determined to expose the criminality of her headmaster Ashbrook. Handsome and far older than the average male student, Ashbrook draws Audra in and tempts her desires. Sexual scandal and desire are rife throughout Blue Bell, where secrets lurk and linger. Audra knows that Ashbrook is a criminal, and their relationship is illegal. When she sets out to expose him, she falls into a torrid affair that endangers everything she wants to achieve… including bringing him down. Will she succeed, or will she fall for him is this suspenseful ploy of dangerous desire?

Omerta: Journey to the Past 

A heartwarming and harrowing tale of life and forbidden love lost to one generation and found in the next. Caught between a turbulent love triangle that shook the very foundations of the Mafia’s Las Vegas Empire, and a deadly struggle for wealth and power, Mob Boss and “King of Las Vegas” Tony Torino, his mistress hustler and onetime showgirl Evelyn Rosenberg, and her husband top Chicago mobster Charlie “Gus” Rosenberg live and love in defiance of the violent and unforgiving laws of the Mafia. All that remains is Evelyn’s carefully preserved diary left by Gus to be discovered by his daughter Adriane and Tony’s son Victor as they pack up her late father’s belongings. Through the vivid and brilliant use of flashbacks, juxtaposed with current events, we witness one of the most beautiful and ill-fated love stories of the last century. As Victor, a forest ranger who fled his family’s Mob past, and Adriane, an attorney being pressured to work for the Mafia, read through the diary old hatreds and new alliances rise leaving us to wonder if history will repeat itself

Omerta: Journey to the Past is now available on Audible

My Vegas Confessions 

Felicia commits the mafia; however, her life becomes riddled with lies, betrayal, lust, and murder. When the one person Felicia always thought she could believe in becomes the one person she can’t trust, a question begins to pull at Felicia’s mind one day will she live through it or will she find herself in an early grave just as her parents did? Felicia is unsure of the answer but will do anything to become a famous news journalist.

Sedona’s Heart

Set in the surroundings of Sedona’s Red Rocks, teenager Kimberly has been dealt a tough hand. She’s an Army orphan who has been forced to move in with her aunt Blanche, her mother’s sister, Blanche’s drunken oaf of a husband, Dean. But things aren’t all bad, as Kimberly finds a new friendship with Lexy, the daughter of Max, a prominent widower and businessman in town.

“Like two ships that pass in the night.” Max told Blanch thinking that a one-night fling when they met, which awoke Blanche’s long, lost desires are awakened as is Max’s need to build a solid romantic relationship. Next, Blanche and Kimberly open the Sedon’s Heart Cafe, a surprisingly successful restaurant that quickly becomes a favorite in the community
Will Dean or a woman from Max’s past interfere in their grand love affair?


What if the Italian mafia still runs Las Vegas from the background, and we don’t know it? In this drama/romantic story, let us look into the life of the mob boss, who runs Las Vegas in secret.

Ricky Ricotta is the most exceptional pit boss at Pompilius palace, he knew very well how he wants his pit to run, and Ricky was a master on getting any woman he wants by his charm. Although when Ricky comes home, that’s a whole another story. Once Ricky walks into his office to find a group of men waiting for him to start the meeting as their mob boss. Ricky loves life; he was a love-less marriage under pressure by his mob to pick an heir. Ricky’s younger brother Al wants to be the heir to pass it down to his son Vinny since Ricky is childless Tessa evens is the average single parent of two, trying to make a living for her family. Tessa manages to get a job at Pompilius palace, working at the fount desk. For Tessa, she always was terrified and hated the mob for her own reason. She was glad when the mob disappeared for good when the FBI came to town to investing into them. That’s before Ricky and Tessa fall profoundly in love with each other. As they are embarking on a grand unforgettable romance.

Cerebral Palsy Gal; A kid’s book

My story of overcoming obstacles as a child growing up with cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy is the most commonly diagnosed childhood motor disability in the U.S.
I share my story in support of those children fighting to overcome their struggles.

10 and up if they’re reading it themselves; if an adult is reading to them 6 and up

Eternal Sunshine of the CP Mind My Reflections Part II

Coming soon

Swish, swish, swish. The Devils’ Maids are coming this Halloween to sweep the streets clean of any wrongdoers. Esther, a witch, is seeking assistance. Will the Devils’ Maids provide assistance to Esther?
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