CP Gal

What does the word advocacy mean to me? When is my demonstrated advocacy skills?​

Advocacy, to me, means that you can understand your limitations and those of others and identify and qualify your needs while having the strength to fight to have those needs recognized and fulfilled. It requires educating the public and creating and expounding the goals and objectives to get there. I’m proud to have cerebral palsy because it made me the woman that I am today.  Advocacy is to make known unlimited possibilities for the improvement of life for an undeserved group through education and representation. Support can be an ongoing process. I shall tell you all us about an experience that shows my lifelong determination. I am fully committed to advocacy for the duration of my lifetime.  My life experiences have centered around physical and emotional abuse by members of my biological family, by judges in the court system, and by government agencies, who considered me a number to file away.  After what I have gratefully escaped from, and with my newfound independence and abilities, I want to help people in need and ensure that communities understand the plight and desires of those of us with disabilities. 

We all have to be visible and vocal. I’m a Cerebral Palsy Advocate through my Facebook page, Cerebral Palsy Gal. I have a small following, but I intend to grow it, through word of mouth and further exposure. Wear your CP as a badge of courage! My heart is a burning passion for helping others with CP and other disabled people.