March is CP Awareness Month

“She means to take on the world, make it a better place. And if that means doing it from a different perspective, then – by God – that is what she will do.” -Sean Mearns Founder/Administrator at Care for Rares

CP Fact #6: With the appropriate services and support, children and adults with CP can stay well, active, and a part of the community.
Amanda is not only an active part of her community, but is making strides to educate the world! She is the author of the book “Living Strong with Cerebral Palsy,” a novel showing the struggles of a young woman finding her voice and building her self esteem while facing the struggles – and celebrating the victories – of cerebral palsy. Amanda has also adapted the book into a book for young children, so that they can enjoy it, as well. Partnering with the group CP Dream Team, Amanda gave away eBook copies of her book to anyone who ordered a shirt from them for the 2021 National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day. Amanda has a passion for helping others, and her desire is to advocate for all individuals with severe disabilities.

From Hurt, Healing to Hope; Book review

5 star’s ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Last night after a long day, I started reading; From Hurt, Healing to Hope by Aigne Martin. I read it in on sitting that is raw for me to sit a read a whole book due to my health issues. From Hurt, Healing to Hope was a beautifully written poetry book about one young women’s hurting to overcoming the odds to healing, hope, and peace. This book had touched my heart. Being Depression Anxiety PTSD and Domestic Violence survive as well, this empowers me even more. A great book to go back and re-read on a down day. I just love one of the poems, that really speaks to my soul. Thank-You, Aigne for letting your words into this world.

Amanda (Sasha) Fino