Moses had a Disability! Check out my new video!

The order of the Bible is reversed in my case. After discussing Jesus and people with disabilities, I discussed King David’s kindness toward a disabled man. My next topic is Moses, who led people out of Egypt. Moses had a speech impairment, which made him a disabled man. However, God chose him to save hisContinue reading “Moses had a Disability! Check out my new video!”

King David’s Kindness to a disabily man

My video focuses on people with disabilities and King David’s Kindness and love for one disabled man, one of King David’s sons. Awesome!God Bless!!!~ #TheBarriersWeFace, #disabilityawareness, #inclusion #faith, #church, #Christian, #bible,#accessibility, #disabilityinclusion,#inclusionmatters, #jesuschrist #christ, #pray, #hope, #amen, #makeachange, #accessibility, #disabilitypride, #cerebralpalsy, #kingdavid, #bible, #oldtestament,

My 365 days in my church were enriched when I was baptized.

Today is the anniversary of the day I stepped foot inside my church for the first time. I fell in love with them and immediately joined as a member after I was baptized. This has been an incredible year for me. God has blessed me incredibly with my brothers and sisters in Christ! They areContinue reading “My 365 days in my church were enriched when I was baptized.”

The Church and People with disabilities, A free E-booklet!

Now out FREE my first E-booklet, The Church and People with disabilities. To inform people and to help them understand disabled people better. There is a lack of welcome for people with disabilities in church settings. What’s the reason for this? There are many reasons why disabled adults are unable or dislike going to church,Continue reading “The Church and People with disabilities, A free E-booklet!”


A New Woman In Christ. I thank God that I have become a new woman in Jesus Christ. In my past, I had issues with my anger and frustrations and holding on to them and not expressing these emotions until I would explode into severe outbursts of emotion, sometimes hurting others and ruining relationships. ThroughContinue reading “Forgiveness”

Mother’s Day 2022

I want to share this prayer that I pray in my church today that touches my own heart. God bless me with two loving mothers. Today we pray for: those who are grieving the loss of theirmother, maybe even years after they were separated; thosewho never knew their biological mother, and now yearn forher; thoseContinue reading “Mother’s Day 2022”

World CP Day 2022

Here’s to the 2022 World Cerebral Palsy Day! I’m proud to have Cerebral Palsy because it has contributed to my personality. As I prepare to participate virtually in the Disability Policy Seminar in Washington, DC next week, I am very excited. My plans are to meet and discuss issues with Congresswoman Wexton, Congressman Connoly, andContinue reading “World CP Day 2022”