My Daily Bible Verse

Bible Verse for today May 16, 2022.

Mother’s Day 2022

I want to share this prayer that I pray in my church today that touches my own heart. God bless me with two loving mothers. Today we pray for: those who are grieving the loss of theirmother, maybe even years after they were separated; thosewho never knew their biological mother, and now yearn forher; thoseContinue reading “Mother’s Day 2022”

World CP Day 2022

Here’s to the 2022 World Cerebral Palsy Day! I’m proud to have Cerebral Palsy because it has contributed to my personality. As I prepare to participate virtually in the Disability Policy Seminar in Washington, DC next week, I am very excited. My plans are to meet and discuss issues with Congresswoman Wexton, Congressman Connoly, andContinue reading “World CP Day 2022”

Looking back at 2021

Highlights of the best of 2021 I was baptized in my church before my family and friends, either live or via live streaming. Reconnecting with my godmother and god-family was essential to me.  My trip to Georgia to visit my godparents. I use my Lingraphica when I’m talking to new people.     I was accepted toContinue reading “Looking back at 2021”

Time does fly!

Knowing that my last blog post was back last July and with Thanksgiving only a week away. I finger that I should do a highlight what I’ve been up to since my last post with images. Summer2021 A Wonderful EncounterI woke up one morning in April to find a new message request on Facebook, andContinue reading “Time does fly!”

Tuesday all ready!?!

Today’s Eternal Sunshine of the CP Mind. As you know, I did not post on Saturday and yesterday been working on something. Today let’s lighten up my blog!!! Come on it’s fun! 37 odd things about me…here you go…..c’mon its fun to learn about nee friends, and it can be funny too.. Do you likeContinue reading “Tuesday all ready!?!”