Flying to Fath!

My closed caption transparency for my new Youtube video. I am Amanda Forry-Fino, CP Gal here to tell you about my coming to the Christian faith story. Flying on an airplane has always scared me since I am afraid of heights, and I had been on one before 9/11. Since then, I had refused toContinue reading “Flying to Fath!”

Moses had a Disability! Check out my new video!

The order of the Bible is reversed in my case. After discussing Jesus and people with disabilities, I discussed King David’s kindness toward a disabled man. My next topic is Moses, who led people out of Egypt. Moses had a speech impairment, which made him a disabled man. However, God chose him to save hisContinue reading “Moses had a Disability! Check out my new video!”

King David’s Kindness to a disabily man

My video focuses on people with disabilities and King David’s Kindness and love for one disabled man, one of King David’s sons. Awesome!God Bless!!!~ #TheBarriersWeFace, #disabilityawareness, #inclusion #faith, #church, #Christian, #bible,#accessibility, #disabilityinclusion,#inclusionmatters, #jesuschrist #christ, #pray, #hope, #amen, #makeachange, #accessibility, #disabilitypride, #cerebralpalsy, #kingdavid, #bible, #oldtestament,

Newly Edited and Final Edition

┌───── •✧✧• ─────┐  -READ IT NOW!-  Eternal Sunshine of the CP Gal’s Mind └───── •✧✧• ─────┘ Is it possible to move forward when you are held back by the past? Can you make good decisions in the present when you have been abused in the past? In this brilliant novel, a woman struggles toContinue reading “Newly Edited and Final Edition”