Happy Father’s Day 2022

In spite of the fact that my father was dying of cancer on the day of my 21st birthday, one of my gifts included a dress that he handpicked out for me, and he made me promise that I would save this dress for something exceptional. One year and a half later, the first Mob-ConContinue reading “Happy Father’s Day 2022”

Saturday’s Thoughts

This show is fantastic, #TheChosen is a blessed Christian show, and it welcomes disability awareness because Matthew is on the autism spectrum in this series. I love this show because one of my goals in life is to bring together disability awareness and the Christian community. #disabilityadvocate #disabilityawareness #disabilities #thechosentvseries #autismspectrum

Mother’s Day 2022

I want to share this prayer that I pray in my church today that touches my own heart. God bless me with two loving mothers. Today we pray for: those who are grieving the loss of theirmother, maybe even years after they were separated; thosewho never knew their biological mother, and now yearn forher; thoseContinue reading “Mother’s Day 2022”

Kentucky Derby Saturday

Happy Kentucky derby 2022, Woot-Hoot. In my Family, The Kentucky Derby is our Super Bowl. I can’t pick on a horse this year that I want to win. Oh well, I got all day to pick one. I have been working on a few things this past week. Va LEND nominated me as an EmergingContinue reading “Kentucky Derby Saturday”