Freebie in honor of you, Uncle Frank!

Updated on 9/15/20 Omerta Journey to the Past    By Sasha Fino             Victor Torino gazed at Adriane Rosenberg, inquisitively. “Don’t you ever wonder if we know the whole story between my dad and your mom?” he asked as they packed up her late father’s house. Charlie “Gus” Rosenberg, Adriane’s father, was a top Chicago… Continue reading Freebie in honor of you, Uncle Frank!

Frank Cullotta RIP 1938 – 2020

Woke up to heartbreaking news, Rest in Peace my Uncle Frankie Frank Cullotta, who had taken me, a young woman with Cerebral Palsy under his wings. I love you so much Uncle Frankie! I love Frank like an uncle, and I’m mourning his loss because he significantly impacted my life. Frank took his time helping… Continue reading Frank Cullotta RIP 1938 – 2020