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Amanda Forry/Fino is a certified disability advocate, CP gal, and author of her autobiography, Eternal Sunshine of the CP Gal Mind. She is a disability rights advocate, active Alumni, Leader, and Presenter with the Virginia Board for People with Disabilities, Training Alumni Association (TAA), Va-LEND graduate, and Public Speaker. Born in Las Vegas Nevada Amanda lives with her family in Williamsburg, Virginia. While Amanda enjoys books, walking, and being a member of her church, she also enjoys blogging on her website cpgal.com in her spare time.


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Is it possible to move forward when you are held back by the past? Can you make good decisions in the present when you have been abused in the past? In this brilliant novel, a woman struggles to cope with her disability, heartache, and family.

As a result of complications during the birthing process, Amanda was born with cerebral palsy. A young woman recounts the trauma she experienced as a child, enduring physical, mental, sexual, and emotional abuse from her family, and having a mother who cannot tolerate her Cerebral Palsy. Amanda found comfort and solace in her grandmother, her ‘gragwa,’ throughout her childhood. The only person who loved her and cared for her. Amanda exposed the naked truth of life with cerebral palsy as she dealt with growing up and various relationship issues, friendship issues, loss, and many other things. Her journey from girl to woman has developed her self-esteem and burning passion for advocating for other people with severe disabilities.

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